Saturday, May 7, 2011

I am a 'Social' animal

If you have read my first post you must have realized by now how intrigued I am about social media. Do you realize what power it possesses? I wonder if there is anyone above age 10 who doesn't have a facebook account. When I did an assignment on 'Social Network Marketing', I was totally amazed as to how much this medium has to offer. However, if marketers don't use it wisely they are bound to fall flat on their face.

I am not some social media guru but I would like to share a few myths as far as this medium is concerned:

1. Only Facebook and Twitter:
These are the most popular social networks without a doubt and you shouldn't think twice before investing here, however, your target audience might be hidden in a rabbit hole. GO FIND THEM!

2. Creating profile on every possible website:
Though having your accounts in most of these websites is free, it does not mean you create your space there and leave it to goodness sake. It might become a breeding ground for negative feedback and comments. MONITOR AND MAINTAIN IT!

3. One way traffic:
Don't bombard your customers with information. Use this 'interactive' space to your advantage. LISTEN TO THEM!

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  1. Thats an interesting view...good one.

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