Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello Ad-World!

I have always been very critical of ads that I come across. That includes not only tv ads but also of the ads in the social network that we have been bombarded with! I believe that companies who overlook social media as a form of advertising are losing edge over the others. Social media has so much to offer. This is main reason why I have taken up 'Social Media Marketing' as a topic of research in my third year and will share in this blog all the new and exciting things I find out until then I am sharing my current favorite TVC which contains the right amount of humor and puts it point forward. I am always partial to the insurance ads coz they tend to have the emotional connect.


  1. exactly...i find few ads on tv so fascinatin, n at tyms i like hummin dose ads rather den any song... :)
    nice post...keep writin...
    Unruly Rebel
    something THEY call life